Benefits  of  SLNB

SNLB  helps stage cancers  and  estimate the  risk that tumor  cells  have  developed  the  ability  to spread  to other  parts of  the  body. If the sentinel  node  is negative for  cancer,  a  patient may be able  to avoid more extensive lymph  node surgery,  reducing  the potential  complications  associated  with  having many lymph  nodes  removed Positive . SLNB  result  indicates  that cancer  is  present in  the sentinel  lymph  node  and  that it may have spread  to other  nearby  lymph  nodes  and  other  organs. This information  can  help  a doctor  determine  the stage of  the  cancer  and  develop  an  treatment plan .

  • Number of  lymph  nodes  in  the axilla  varies  between Historically, all axillary 20 and  40 lymph nodes  were removed (Axillary  Lymph  Node Dissection,  or ALND) ©  2020  Gamma Medical Technology
  •  Increased  risk of  harmful  side  effects  like lymphedema