Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System

Extracorporeal Lithotripter/Compact Model

Where technology and effiency is delivered with style.

Spark ESWL Focus System (With C-Arm and Ultrasound)

Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy

The most important factor for the ESWL therapy to be successful is to perform
the focusing procedure correctly. Compact and easily controllable structure of
the system is important for the focusing procedure. In Spark ESWL system, all
procedures can be performed by a hand-held remote control. During lithotripsy,
focus can be controlled from any desired location.

Spark has been designed to decrease the dispersion rate at the focus to zero.
Fluoroscopy system is produced under high resolution standards and can be
combined with the ESWL unit.


Database System Applications are

Patient information

Medical history

Stone details

Stone fragmentation parameters

Laboatory information

X-ray dosage information

The statistical information can be exported to various software programs.

The software not only archives the patient and treatment data,
it also stores the patient’s images in DICOM format.
The recorded patient images can be also written on CD/ DVD.
Additionally the recorded information can be formatted so that
the images can be examined on a regular PC.


Without Scopy

The İnceler Medical ESWL System Lithotripsy Unit has a compacted structure that includes a treatment table and fluoroscopy unit. For users who prefer to use the device with an independent C-arm imaging system, an armless version also can be produced.

Systems that have been produced by İnceler Medical are very distinctive owing to their ergonomic and esthetic structures.

Oblique Motion Feature

The right, left and 90 degree oblique movements provide great convenience in focusing.
In order to successfully perform of stone breaking process in ESWL systems, firstly it is nessary to view the stone at its exact location.
For patients who are gas and can not be seen by one-way arm movements, two-way oblique movements will be a great advantage in locating the stone.
The compact structure of the system and two-sided oblique movements will ensure you achieve up to 100% success in focus.

Ultrasound Localization

The new generation ultrasound localization system has versatile movement capability and is perfect for the localization and real time monitoring of stone fragmentation. The ultrasound localization system is also compatible with the X-Ray imaging systems. They can be used individually or together. By releasing the break system, the therapy head can be adjusted into any number of preferred position.
The ultrasound localization system allows the ultrasound probe to have a longer life than in-line localization systems. An optional computerized ultrasound localization system is also available . The ultrasound focusing system can detect the smallest fragments of stones, and display the image of the stone clearly. Just like the C-arm, ultrasound usage is not limited to one manufacturer’s product.

Ergonomic and Aesthetic

In the Spark ESWL system, the treatment table can be moved in all directions. It has been designed to facilitate the patients to approach to ellipsoid easily. All urinary calculi that are covered under the area of ESWL can easily be broken. The Spark ESWL system allows the user to choose the ideal angle required for the therapy and to let the therapy to be performed in its most efficient way. No anesthesia is required during lithotripsy with Spark. Owing of compact structure, its installation is very easy.
With its ability to position patients very conveniently, calculi from the lower portion of the ureter can also be broken very easily.

Ease of Use and Technical Convenience

It is built with user in mind, hence it’s user-friendly and easy-maintenance features. The system cost has been reduced by attributing great importance to after sales and the device is designed to enable easy and efficient after-sale technical & maintenance services.

Technical Features

Technical Data

Electromagnetic compatibility                              The system has been tested and certified according to these
Medical Device Directive                                       Category II b (rule 9)
Protection against electric shock                          Type BI
Safety Limit (EN 60601-1)
Protection Rate                                                        In line with the IP20 IEC 529 standard
Power Supply                                                           Electrohydraulics


Main Body                                                                   285 kg
Monitor Trolley (Including Monitors)                        34 kg
Hand Operated Panel                                                0.5 kg
Empty surface required                                             90 cm x 190 cm
Height (max)                                                                191 cm

1 Generator = 3 million shots = 500 patients = 1500 sessions

*We calculate 1 sessions aproximately 2000 shots.

Patient Table

Table Type                                                                  Motorized
Height Movement                                                     30 cm
Horizontal Movement                                              15 cm
Vertical Movement                                                   15 cm
Max Patient Weight                                                  200 kg

Shock wave generator

Charge voltage                                                          7.5 to 24 KV
Trigger                                                                        ECG, Respiration, 40-120 shock/min
Shock wave generation method                              Electrostatic discharge
Focusing method                                                      Ellipsoid reflector
Number of Shocks (generator / for a couple         3.000.000 / 80.000
of electrodes)

Electrode Types                                                        Long Life ( a couple 40 sessions = 80.000 shocks)
Contact method with the patient                           Water cushion

Shock wave generation

Focusing distance                                                    130 mm
Surface angle                                                            40°
Surface diameter                                                     219.5 mm

Imaging system

X-Ray fluoroscopy                                                     Yes
Tube power                                                               5kW @ 110 kVp DC
Anode                                                                         Fixed (or Rotating)
Focus size                                                                  0.6 mm
X-Ray generator type                                               Semi-wave
Power values                                                            5kW @ 110 kVp-100 mA
kV range                                                                    40 – 110 kV
mA range                                                                  0 – 3 mA
Image intensifier                                                      6” (17 cm), 7” (18 cm) 9” (23 cm)
Filtration                                                                    3 mm Al


Type                                                                              Monochrome, CCIR standard
Dimensions                                                                 17” / 21” Medical Monitor
Brightness Control                                                     Manual
Contrast Control                                                         Manual

Power Requirement:

Voltage / Frequency Power 3 KVA                            110-220 V /50-60 Hz, single phase

İnceler Medikal

İNCELER MEDİKAL LTD. ŞTİ. was established In Ankara In 2010. Over time, it has gained the trust of its customers with its experienced staff and high quality service concept by reaching the capacity and expertise level which can produce suitable spare parts for many world famous brands.


İNCELER MEDİKAL has the mission of maximizing the satisfaction of the valuable healthcare workers by exceeding their expectations, In 2012, it started to design its own products. The first product of the Pneumatic Lithrotripsy system was Lithobox , followed by Modus with Therapy system with shock waves from outside the body and SPARK which has kindney stone crushing system with shock waves from outside the body. These products took place in the market. The devices that we have produced are designed with taking in consideration the high security, advanced technology, economic and aesthetic parameterstogether and are designed with the criteria that can be the best in their class. It aims to stay in the sector as an R&D company.