Applications of Modus ED-SWT


When shock waves are applied to an anatomical region, they cause mechanical stress and micro- trauma. This mechanical stress and micro trauma lead to the formation of angiogenic factors. Thus, it induces a series of biological reactions that increase blood flow and trigger the neovascularization of tissue. For this reason, Modus ED-SWT has the characteristics of Modus ESWT as well as the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 



Applications of Modus ED-SWT


Modus ED-SWT device is used in various applications like orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology, aesthetics, beauty and veterinary medicine as well as erectile dysfunction. Some of these applications are as follows:

– Achilles tendon pain
– Plantar Fasciitis
– Myofascial trigger points
– Calcified tendonitis of the shoulder
– Radial and ulnar humeral epicondylitis
– Patellar tendonitis
– Other disorders of tendon insertions
– Activation of muscle and connective tissue
– Acupuncture shock wave therapy

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile Dysfunction,

also known as impotence among
the public; is defined as the failure of the penis to
reach the hardness needed for sexual intercourse or
The failure of maintaining the hardest.

For which reasons Erectile Dysfunction occurs?



Erection occurs by charging of two cylindrical shaped islets fullness of blood veins named as corpus cavernosum. Every kind of physical disturbance which prevents this charging causes failure of the erection of the penis or Failure to maintain the hardness.

Shock Therapy with Low Density


Shock waves are energy bearing waves that emit through an environment. For this reason it cannot be targeted and focused onto an anatomic
A section in the long distance. Shock waves cause mechanical stress and microtrauma when they are emitted to an anatomicsection in the low density shock therapy. This mechanical stress and micro trauma lead to the occurrence of angiogenic factors. Thus, it induces a series of biological reaction which allow the blood flows and triggering of the tissueneovascularization.

What is ED-SWT?

Shock therapy uses acoustic waves for starting a process named as neovascularization in some parts of the body. New blood veins are created as a result of neovascularization. Those kind of therapies is used in fractures or arthralgias orcellulitis, breaks in the skin. Low Density Shock Therapy is a new therapy method used recently for curing Erectile Dysfunction (ED). ESWT uses low density wavesunlike the other ESWT therapies.

How is the ED-SWT applied?


ED-SWT treatment is applied directly to various parts of the penis and to the penis root. 5different points are applied to the penis. 300shots are performed at one point and total shots of per session 1.500.The treatment last 6 sessions. According to the severity of the disorder, treatment can be completed in 3-10 sessions. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes. No Preparationent, sedation, soothing etc… noPreparation is needed. There is no side effect such as pain, ache, swelling, bruising, burning and irritation during or after the treatment.

Advantages and Successes of ED-SWT



– There are no drugs or prothesis used in thetherapy. This therapy method is completely noninvasive.
– It is not needed to be used before each sexualintercourse as in the other therapy methods.
– Patient may keep his daily life after the process.
– There’s no need to use anaesthesia or sedationduring or after the process.
– The curing success of ED-SWT is above %80.The success rate for the patients who are noteven responding to medication is above 60%.
– The patients do not need the drug therapiesthey previously used after the ED-SWT therapy.
– There are not any side effects whatsoever.

Various Research


Wang and his colleagues discovered that ED-SWTstimulated the expression of the factors such as endothelial nitric oxide synthesis and vascular endothelial growingpertaining to the growing factors like angiogenesis and proliferation cell nucleus antigen. Besides, they also reported that the ED-SWT caused neovascularization and improved the blood flow thereby. In addition to this, they observed that there was a significant amount of increase in the endogenous levels, neovascularization and cell proliferation values, and that the effects of this increase kept on for a long time. The effect of ED-SWT on vascular endothelial growing factor (VEGF) levels are also reported by Gutersohn and his friends. They observed that the ED-SWT increased the MRNA levels in the cells in significant amounts. The research of Nishida and his friends also showed that
The VEGF expression of ED-SWT regulated the schemicmyocardial cells in upward position after the therapy.

* Gutersohn A., Caspari G., Vopahl M., Erbel R. (1999) Upregulationof VEGF MRNA in HUVEC via shock Waves. In Proceedings of the International Conference From Genes to Therapy in Ischemic and Heart Muscle Disease, Marburg, Germany, 9–10 October.


Technical Specifications

Modus ED-SWT device works with electro-hydraulic principle.
It has a touch screen. It includes 10 already uploaded treatment protocols. It is capable to create unlimited patient
And protocol log file in its database. Made in Turkey. System warranty period is 2 years. We have CE 1984 and ISO
13485 product certificates.
Modus ED-SWT is an effective and low cost device. It is produced with Inceler Medikal who is specialized in
Shockwave field, it is sold all over the world and after-sales technical services are provided.

Modus Main Unit                              1 Unit

Handpiece                                          1 Unit

Portable Carrying Bag                      1 Unit

Trolley                                                 1 Unit

Manufacturer                                     İnceler Medical Sağlık Hiz. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Model                                                  Modus® ED

Frequency of use                              1-4 Hz

Power                                                 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 50 W

Power Supply                                   100-200 mJ

Fuses                                                  2 x 1 A, 230 VAC

Display                                              TFT Touch screen

Treatment Start / Stop                   Main Unit Button, Handpiece Button and Optional Foot Pedal

Memory                                             10 – User defined

Ready treatment protocol             10

User Password                                 Yes

Insulation                                         Internal 12 V DC transformer insulation

Water Cushion                                 Latex

Generator Warranty                        2 million shock pulses (2.000.000 Shock)

Weight                                                35 kg

Dimensions                                       750 mm x 320 mm x 390 mm Control Unit

Classification                                    Conforms to EN 60601-1 criteria. Class 1 Applied Part BF IP 20 (Foot Pedal IPX5)


Custom treatment protocol           YES
Operating environment                 100C ≤ temperature ≤ 300C30% ≤ humidity ≤ 75% 700 hPa

Storage and Carriage                      -100C ≤ temperature ≤ +400C

Conditions                                         10% ≤ humidity ≤ 95 500 hPa ≤ atmospheric pressure ≤ 1060 hPa


İnceler Medikal


İNCELER MEDİKAL LTD. ŞTİ. was established InAnkara In 2010. It started to work by providingafter-sale support for pneumaticcrushingsystems ESWL to all health institutions in Turkeyby It’s specialist staff. Over time, it has gained thetrust of its customers with its experienced staffand high quality service concept by reaching thecapacity and expertise level which can producesuitable spare parts for many world famous brands.İNCELER MEDİKAL has the mission of maximizingthe satisfaction of the valuable healthcare workersby exceeding their expectations, In 2012, it startedto design its own products. The first product ofthe Pneumatic Lithrotripsy system was Lithobox,followed by Modus with Therapy system with shockwaves from outside the body and SPARK which haskindney stone crushing system with shock wavesfrom outside the body. These products took placein the market. The devices that we have producedare designed with taking in consideration the highsecurity, advanced technology, economic andaesthetic parameters together and are designed with the criteria that can be the best in their class. It aims to stay in the sector as an R&D company