Darssh Medical Technologies LLP has entered into strategic business alliance with a Vide range of  High Frequency X-Ray Generators/ Digital X-Ray Systems , High End ESWL Machines, HF/ Cool Plasma etc in quality and service management system and with involvement, cooperation of all members of the organization, DMT has strengthened its feet in the field of Urology , Andrology and  Radiodiagnosis equipments etc.

DMT has developed and implemented a set of quality standards that rank the most comprehensive in the medical industry. All our products comply to qualify parameters of ISO:9001,  US FDA ,CE certification as applicable on them.

Our Vision

DMT will continue to be a service centre of excellence, a leader and home for best available Medical technologies from around the world. It will strive for continuous growth and the company proceeds will be utilized for the people associated with it and for philanthropic activities.

Our Mission

Selecting high quality and state of the art Medical Equipments, Devices and Technologies from reputed manufacturers around the world and bringing them under the brand of the Darssh Medical Technologies LLP.

Promoting, educating, marketing and selling these products to the discerning doctors, Hospitals, and Medical Institutes,
Supporting the equipments with a comprehensive After Sales Support and Service with total commitment to the customer.

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